Hotspots & Autotour Creator Plugin for Krpano

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Hotspots & Autotour Creator Plugin for Krpano

2 ratings

Current version of plugin works with Krpano 1.19 Pre-Release 12

If you need version of KRpano which my plugin is compatible with, please try downloading it here:


Don't buy if you expect plugin to work with Krpano version not listed here.


The plugin ‘Hotspots & Autotour creator’ is a two-in-one plugin that will help Krpano users to create stunning tours with no coding required. It is great if you want to create image or video hotspots in your tours which when clicked will display popup images or videos taking into consideration the users screen size and media aspect ratio. With just a few code adaptations you can customize the finished tour to your needs, styles or brand.


Plugin is delivered in form of droplets. That mean you only need your images to be dropped into it and it will prepare all code with prepared set of images and video files in appropriate folder for you as good startup base. In edit mode plugin is working only on desktops with Chrome and Firefox browsers. It has to be started with Krpano Sever. For testing you use regular tour.html.

You don't need to be experienced krpano developer to be able to use this plugins and create very nice professional looking tours with images and video hotspots which can include autotour all done by your mouse and little bit of clicking on the keyboard.


When purchased you will receive package which contains:

- Droplets for automatic creation of Mulires vtour

- Manual on how to use editor 


Droplets are provided for Windows and Macintosh based PC. New versions of plugin are free to all who buy any plugin version.

Links to Youtube:




Machintosh version for pr12 is not supported at the moment -> on the way. 

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